13 Kids at Weddings Who Just Don’t Give a Hoot

During most wedding ceremonies, all kids need to do is look cute and act adorable. They make for great ringbearers and are sort of a symbol of pure innocence. But not all children are ready to be “all that”…

Disney Princesses In Modern Day Realities

There have been many interesting interpretations of Disney Princesses in multiple scenarios, including various style and fashion choices, various body proportions, different subcultures, and even interpretations on what they’d look like as a different gender.

The Tiny Face Makeup Challenge

Well if you want to have some fun with your makeup looks, show off your skills and try a funny trend – check out the #TinyFaceMakeupChallenge on Instagram. It’s a fun and creative way to test your skills and surprise people on the street and make them do a double-take.

Baking Bad: 2020 Quarantine Edition

So, you’ve decided to do something useful during your self-isolation time and started doing house chores? Good for you! Many people staying at home have picked up a new hobby or two, and what could be better than teaching yourself how to make delicious food, right?

15 Relatable FRIENDS on Quarantine Memes

Before we get to the good part, here’s a friendly reminder: COVID-19 is still lurking outside, trying to infect every single one of us. But if you’re sticking to the quarantine rules, you should be fine. So stay inside, keep your distance from people, and wash your hands – it’s all you need to do now to make that curve eat grass.

10 Songs to Make Washing Your Hands More Fun

We all know that COVID-19 hates clean hands. This is why we all need to do our duty and wash our hands every time we leave or come home. It only takes like 20 seconds for the soap to kill those 99.9% germs (which includes coronaviruses as well). But have you ever wondered what the right way to scrub your hands is?

Fighting Fire With Fire: COVID-19 Vs. 35 Viral Memes!

The outbreak of the coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic. More and more countries are tightening their security measures by closing borders, quarantining entire cities and states, and even shutting down all air and land communications. However, while the tension in the world is growing, Internet users are doing their best to ward off the panic. Quarantine or not, the spicy memes have to flow! They will not help you cure the coronavirus, but they can definitely make you feel better.

Brexit Happened And All We Got Are These Memes

January 31st 2020 was the day Britain actually left the EU. And while many people are worried about the repercussions of this event and what it will mean for Britain, the best approach we’ve seen in this situation is having a good sense of humor about it.

13 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes That Will Soothe Your Lonely Soul

Every year on February 14, citizens of the World Wide Web start preparing for what’s to come later in the evening. The entire planet is divided into two camps: those who post pictures of fancy candies and fabulous flower bouquets on Instagram and those who dream of half-off chocolates while posting memes about St.Valentine’s Day.

Baboy Is The Goodest Boi Of Them All

It can be hard to make a point in modern society. It seems like everyone has an opinion and everyone’s vocal about something. But we never seem to listen to the animals. Baboy is about to change that. Als known as the “Dog With Sign”, this dog has an Instagram page where you can follow his travels and his political message.

The Guy Silently Protests Against Everything Annoying (17 Photos)

This prankster’s name is Seth, and he believes that if people don’t stand up for their beliefs, they’re just being controlled but the powers that be. Perhaps you won’t be able to relate to all of his protests signs, but you’ll surely understand some of them. Just like with every great protest, the context matters a lot, so pay attention to where he’s located and what he’s protesting against.