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Top 7 Crazy Covid-19 Panic Purchases


Now that everyone’s kind of used to the whole lockdown situation, we can see that it’s not that bad if you have the money. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to continue working from home, while the disease spreads throughout the globe. But, either way, when the COVID-19 had just hit Europe, Australia, and the US, people went nuts and raided their local supermarkets in search of … well, that’s what we’re going to find out very soon!

Here are seven crazy COVID panic purchases!

1. Hand sanitizer

Before we were told every second to wash our hands, some of us rarely even used sanitizer. But once we found out that a virus is infecting poor clueless citizens, we started buying it in bulk!

2. Frozen food

What else are we going to eat during a lockdown? Frozen pizza, of course, maybe some nuggies, or vegetable mix. Some people were dumb enough to ignore Hawaiian pizza. They may not like the pineapple on it, but it’s still food!

3. Face masks

Everyone needed a mask, but not everyone had one, so people used whatever the heck they had lying around, including plastic bags, gas masks, and other fashionable alternatives.

4. Cleaning wipes

Just a while ago, cleaning wipes were nowhere to be found. And that’s because people went crazy and bought the entire stock. But since then, there have been no issues with their availability in the stores.

5. Toilet paper

That’s a big one! All those pictures of people standing in long lines with whole shopping carts stuffed with nothing but TP… It was as if they were getting ready for the apocalypse, or rather, a-poo-calypse.

6. Rubber gloves

Disposable gloves were thought to safeguard us from the nasty corona, but in reality, doctors have been saying that you should avoid wearing them. Apparently, it’s very hard to don and doff these rubbery things without potentially contracting the virus that’s on them. Not impossible, just quite tricky. And let’s face it, for idiots who don’t want to wear masks, this would be worse than death.

7. Alcohol

You knew this one was coming. People getting locked down without being able to go outside? What else will they do but get hammered? Beer, hard liquor, stuff for cocktails – you nake it, they bought it. And not just a couple of bottles. It looked like they were getting ready for a post-apocalyptic future!