Disney Princesses In Modern Day Realities


There have been many interesting interpretations of Disney Princesses in multiple scenarios, including various style and fashion choices, various body proportions, different subcultures, and even interpretations on what they’d look like as a different gender. We’ve definitely seen many modern day drawings of Disney but this one is unique. The artist chose to create illustrations of what Disney Princesses would look like in modern day realities based on their interests. The results are pretty amusing and we bet you’ll see yourself in some of these illustrations. Take a look and let us know which one do you relate to more.

Aurora would spend days working in the office and hoping that one day a prince would wake her up from this boring day job routine and introduce a sense of excitement and fun into her life.

Cinderella would definitely spend her evenings going to cool parties and dance the night away until she inevitably realises that the last train home leaves in a minute and would run down the escalator of the closing subway station dropping her stuff everywhere and potentially losing not only shoes, just to get on that train home. We bet her iPhone would have a cracked screen too.

Belle loves reading, maybe she’d while away the time in hipster cafes with her nose in the books. The artist imagined her getting so caught up in a book that she’d bump into things on the street, walk into glass doors and maybe even spill her coffee in the process.

Ariel would spend most of her time at her boyfriend’s place and would probably oversleep work on the regular, having turned off her alarm by mistake. Just imagine how she’d get ready for work tripping over her own skirt trying to get dressed faster.

Jasmine would always be busy and super popular, always talking to people on her phone and having a gazillion chats in various apps. But she would refuse to take cabs even though she can afford them, instead she’d choose to take the subway, where her signal would cut off and allow her a child ride with music without any new messages.

Snow White would probably be into fashion, skincare and makeup, spending hours in the bathroom trying to look her best in case she runs into the love of her life that day. Would she have little helpers or just a lot of pets is up for debate though.