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Matching Your Facemask and Tie Is The New Pandemic Trend


Dad’s have a particular taste when it comes to fashion, and by that, we mean that a lot of the time it almost feels like as soon as a man becomes a dad he makes up a uniform for himself and sticks to it no matter what. It’s as if some men want to be identified by that dad look from miles away. Those looks usually include sock and sandals, a dad hat and of course some cargo shorts. But then there are dads like Steve Montgomery. Steve lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA and he’s gone viral thanks to his daughter tweeting pictures of him.

Apparently, Steve has a thing for matching looks, he’s proud of it and it’s what people at work have come to expect of him. To Steve it just makes sense to wear matching things, it makes his whole look more intentional and coordinated and he thinks that’s neat. In fact, he encourages his colleagues to do the same and will often criticize people for failing to wear matching items.

But the worldwide pandemic and the new regulations have really brought Steve’s love for matching to a whole new level. He started matching his tie to his face masks. And no, he doesn’t just do this on every Friday, he sticks to this self-imposed rule every single day. And clearly, he’s proud because he’s the one who takes these photos. We can only assume that he then proudly sends them to his family and friends just to brag how perfectly his tie matches his facemask.

This idea came to Steve when he realised that he had some spare pocket squares that matched his ties. And once he figured out that they’re actually the perfect size to make a facemask – he was fully committed to this project. He now makes sure to wear a matching combo every day, and he makes sure not to repeat the same tie and mask more than once a week. So far he has 15 sets of matching ties and masks but his girlfriend is working on sowing some more. In fact, his girlfriend deserves a large portion of admiration and praise for being nice and going along with this crazy idea and then actually spending time and effort sowing the masks. She’s the master here, Steve is really just modelling them.

Steve’s daughter likes to tease her father about the mask and tie combo, but she did pick a favourite combo that she actually likes. And while she does find the whole thing amusing, she says it’s fun to see her dad get so into his pandemic fashion.

Also, turns out Steve isn’t the only guy who’s doing it, and others have started sending in replies, showing their own matching pandemic looks. So you know, we’re looking forward to this changing the world of fashion and office attire for years to come. Jokes aside, it’s a pretty funny idea and we hope to see more people going along with it.