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13 Kids at Weddings Who Just Don’t Give a Hoot


During most wedding ceremonies, all kids need to do is look cute and act adorable. They make for great ringbearers and are sort of a symbol of pure innocence. While looking at these little angels, all the guests would inevitably smile, and some may even squeak a bit.

But not all children are ready to be “all that”. They will start acting out, cry, and be naughty just because they are used to getting all the attention. But the wedding must go on! Let’s take a look at these brats who clearly don’t understand why adults are so fond of weddings.

1. Flower bouquets? I’d rather be playing house with Billy. We’re getting pretend-married next Friday.

2. That’s me at every wedding.

3. At least pasta is tasty.

4. You say that marriage is a special day? -Huh… boredom!

5. Boy? What boy? There is no boy, only me – a perfectly normal horse.

6. Existence is pain; the reality is a cruel joke; we will all die alone…

7. I feel your pain bro.

8. I guess that kid doesn’t want that wedding cake after all.

9. Oh, the newlyweds are posing for a beautiful shot? Let’s make it as awkward as possible!

10. He looks like one of those old-timey blues musicians. His baby left him, and now he’s got the blues.

11. Kids are watching your every step. Don’t get any closer to the wedding cake!

12. That’s right, kid!

13. This is what you get when you don’t serve pork chops and mashed potatoes to the guests.