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This Is How Hollywood Sees Other Countries!


If you’re expecting to see an accurate representation of any country other than the US in a Hollywood movie, you’re going to be disappointed. I mean, the majority of movies are shot in huge stets where insanely talented people have done their best to either recreate a specific place or a street or just use massive green screens to fix everything in post-production.

Even the best set decorators and CG magicians can’t recreate the magic of the real world. At least not yet. So location scouts have their work cut out for them, but it takes time and money, obviously. What’s the solution then? Apparently, all you need to portray Russia, Japan, or Mexico is to change the color of the picture and do some light photoshopping, adding tints, making the scene more grainy, etc.

The pictures you’re about to see are, of course, somewhat exaggerated, but not by a lot. Next time you see Ukraine, Spain, or Australia in a Hollywood movie, pay attention to the photo filters they’ve used. Or don’t, it’s just a movie after all. Either way, here come the memes!

1. The classic American street. Only it’s a picture taken in Cape Town, South Africa.

2. Add a bit of yellow and boom, you’re somewhere in Mexico.

3. Neon nights? That’s Japan.

4. Not as good and vibrant as the US, but still good – Western Europe.

5. Everything that’s wrong in the world is in Eastern Europe.

6. It can’t get any worse than the Middle East.

7. More hot sun! Yeah, that’s definitely Africa. I mean it literally is Africa.

8. Where are the cows and thousands of cars? You dropped the ball on this one, Hollywood.

9. What the hell does this tint mean? Is this classic Brazil?

10. No, it’s not! That title goes to Russia.

11. Always partying, that’s Chile. As if I know what’s going on in these.

12. And finally, there’s the Underworld – Straya!