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8 Most Iconic Award Show Moments

We’re counting down the most memorable and cringeworthy Award Show moments that people still talk about today. Get ready for a fun ride through the history of showbiz!

8 Hollywood Love Triangles Gone Wrong

Nothing good ever comes of infidelity, especially when we’re talking about celebrity love triangles. Their whole world is exposed, marriages get torn apart, and millions of losers on the internet judge them like they themselves wouldn’t pick Britney Spears over Shar Jackson.

7 Actors You Think Are American But Aren’t | Brain Berries

7 Actors You Think Are American But Aren’t

Most people associate famous actors with being American, since Hollywood is still the reference when it comes to showbusiness. That notion is often wrong, though. Let’s take a look at some A-list actors that aren’t American at all, despite the fact it might look that way sometimes.