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Things Hollywood Teaches Us About Love


With Covid taking a second pass at most parts of the world and still roaring in the United States, we’re seeing loads of people getting stuck in lockdown again. And since we’re stuck with all that time to watch movies and think of the loved ones we can’t be with, how about we combine those two things?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that Hollywood teaches us about love. Or at least, the things Hollywood tries to teach us.

Love Conquers All

Remember that one movie where the guy couldn’t be with the girl because of reasons but he loved her just hard enough for the reasons to miraculously disappear? Yeah. It’s been used so many times in Hollywood movies, it’s basically the Wilhelm scream of romcoms.

Music Makes Everything Better

La La Land, Grease, … There’s no better way to show your love and appreciation for someone than laughing, dancing and singing. And no matter which conversation pops up, it’s never weird to randomly burst out into song. I swear, it isn’t!

Casual Girls Are Better Than The Hot Chick

This is a lesson we’ve learnt from romantic teen comedies in the vein of She’s All That or Mean Girls. If you’re hot and/or blonde, you’re going to be an insanely bad person. It’s the casual, silent type that’s somehow the girl everyone wants at the end of the movie. It’s not exactly realistic since there’ll always be jocks that can’t get over looks, but at least it has a nice message. I guess. Too bad jocks don’t … watch … rom coms? Wait a minute, who are these movies trying to give a message here?

You Can Change People

If you really love someone but you can’t be together because he or she is just a genuinely bad person, don’t despair. Love is the one reason why bad people can turn into good people. And it’s also apparently the only reason, so I guess we should stop putting people in prison and just give hugs to criminals.

Time Spent With Your Loved One Is Precious

I mean, this is pretty much what The Notebook is all about, right? The few moments you can spend with someone you love apparently somehow make all the other stuff in life worth it. Somehow. Don’t ask me how the details work.

Doors Can’t Hold Two People

Just like ships can’t ram mountains of ice, doors can’t hold more than one person. Especially if that person is young Leo DiCaprio and you’re scared to tell him that he won’t win an Oscar for another twenty years.

Love Isn’t Always Great

Remember that every romantic movie in Hollywood has that one part where everything seems to fall to pieces and nothing is amazing anymore? Well, that’s probably the most realistic item in this entire list. Love won’t always be amazing, sadly. I mean, it’s amazing most of the time, so it’s still definitely worth it. But it’ll sting sometimes.