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Bruce Willis’s Wife and Ex Shared Heartwarming Videos of the Actor Celebrating His 68th Birthday


The legendary Hollywood actor, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia a few months ago, celebrated his 68th birthday with his current wife, Emma Heming-Willis, his ex Demi Moore, and their children. Moore was the one who shared the heartwarming video with the sick actor and his close family on Instagram.

In the video, the whole gang was singing Happy Birthday to Bruce, everyone was having fun, and you could just feel the enormous amount of love and respect gathered in that one room. Willis looks quite cheerful and happy, not to mention snazzy as heck. The actor stumbled a little when he tried to blow out the small candles on the cake, but his wife and pregnant daughter laughed it off and tried to high-five him.

Speaking of his wife, she admitted that while this family gathering was a joyous occasion, his deteriorating condition with dementia has taken a toll on people close to Bruce. When the news hit that Willis has frontotemporal dementia, a rare form of the disease that is increasingly debilitating and progressive, Emma started using her Instagram more actively to relieve some stress. There, she usually shares information about the actor’s condition with fans, but on that day, she vented her own feelings.

“So today is my husband’s birthday. I started my morning crying, as you can tell by my puffy eyes and snotty nose,” she said candidly. “I just think it’s important to see all sides of it.”

The actress admitted that despite the strength she shows in the fight against her husband’s illness, she is very exhausted.

“I always get that message, or people always tell me, ‘Oh, you’re so strong, I don’t know how you do it.’ I don’t have a choice. I wish there was. But I’m also raising two kids, so sometimes in our lives, we have to put on our big girl panties and do it, which I do. But I really feel sadness every day. Every day. And I really feel it today, on his birthday,” Heming-Willis admitted.

She made a video reel dedicated to Bruce on his birthday and said that going through those happy moments again was like getting stabbed in the heart. However, Emma states that she is doing it for the fans because she knows how much they love him. And we really appreciate it.