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8 Cast Members Who Survived The “Baywatch Curse”


Ah, the good old times when all people wanted to see were hot men and women wearing lifeguard swimsuits running in slow motion across the Cali beaches. Baywatch was a vibe and a half during the 90s as it became known for its blend of drama, action, and the “good parts.” Even though the show made a lot of names quite popular, it also was the reason for suffering, either directly or indirectly.

Today, we’ll look at the unfortunate cast members of Baywatch and uncover some tragic details about the so-called Baywatch Curse.

1. Alexandra Paul

Alexandra Paul, who played Lieutenant Stephanie Holden, had a pretty fun run for four seasons as the former lover of David Hasselhoff’s character, Mitch Buchannon. In Season 7, the writers had to get rid of her, but she returned as a ghost in an episode of Baywatch Nights. Despite the fame, Alexandra had to deal with unwanted attention. She recalled feeling uncomfortable in public places due to people constantly staring at her. In 2013, the actress even had to get a restraining order against a female stalker from Germany who had met her at the gym and wouldn’t leave her alone after learning about her Baywatch role.

2.Carmen Electra

Carmen joined the cast in season 8 as lifeguard Lani McKenzie, filling the gap left by Pamela Anderson. Producers weren’t thrilled with her acting skills, to say the least. Apparently, she was very hard to direct, but on the other hand, Electra was a real looker, so it all worked out in the end. However, before appearing on Baywatch, she was close to becoming homeless and had very little to her name. The model recalled moments when she was about to say “screw it” and go back home to Cincinnati. Fortunately, she didn’t. She reached out to a choreographer, worked her butt off, and eventually climbed her way up to success.

3. Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns, who played Jessie Owens in the last three seasons of Baywatch, watched over Malibu beaches before the show ended in Hawaii. A few years later, she had a scary pool-diving accident where she snapped her neck. A paramedic friend was there and knew not to move her, which saved her life. After months in bed and a bunch of metal screws in her neck, Brooke made a full recovery. Now, she’s all about advocating for safe swimming and using her platform to educate others on water safety.

4. Shawn Weatherly

Shawn Weatherly, who played Jill Riley in the first season of Baywatch, had quite a memorable exit. She didn’t fancy early mornings and cold ocean water, so they let her out of her contract on one tiny condition: her character would have to get munched on by a killer shark. Soon after, Weatherly stepped away from acting to be with her kids, especially her daughter, who needed medical attention due to open-heart surgery. It was tough for Weatherly, as she didn’t want to be far from her children, having lost her own mother when she was young. Fortunately, her daughter recovered and even became an athlete.

5. Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, the famous surfer, also popped up on Baywatch in Season 3. He was a hit, but his surfing crew gave him a hard time for becoming a sellout, and he ended up feeling embarrassed about it. After leaving the show, he became a strong advocate for mental health, revealing his own struggles with suicidal thoughts and losing friends to suicide. Slater’s been living by a very wholesome creed since then: when you see someone in trouble, step in and help.

6. Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine Bleeth, known for playing Caroline Holden during peak Baywatch seasons, faced her fair share of tabloid drama. Rumors about drug use plagued her, with sources suggesting she had a cocaine problem. These issues led to her being let go from the show because the actress would often just skip whole days. Eventually, in 2003, after almost dying in a car crash, she admitted to her addiction, saying that staying off drugs has become a lifelong commitment. She may have lost her luster, but she’ll never lose her spark.

7. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff, famous for his role as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, faced some tough times after the show ended. He found a demon in a bottle and even had a viral video moment in 2007 where he was drunk, eating a cheeseburger on the kitchen floor, and insulting his daughter. But here’s the silver lining: that incident pushed him to address his alcoholism openly and realize that this must stop. His daughters were crucial in helping David turn things around by being honest with him. Thankfully, they repaired their relationship.

8. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and a few other actresses were arguably the sole reason why horny boys were glued to the screens. She joined Baywatch in Season 3 and was often described by her co-stars as “Marilyn Monroe on the beach.” But it wasn’t all smooth sailing, as you could imagine. Anderson’s personal life got lots of attention, especially her rocky relationship with Tommy Lee. One day, Lee got so upset about a kissing scene in the show that he trashed her dressing room. Their infamously intimate video tape spread like wildfire and made over $77 million, none of which went to the couple’s bank. Anderson later said it caused her immeasurable pain and called everyone who bought, watched, or distributed it pathetic. And it’s hard to disagree with her.