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Museums Ask People To Recreate Classical Paintings And The Result Is Both Funny And Stunning


Recreating classic works of art while on quarantine has become the biggest new trend that has taken over the world. We should thank Getty (The J. Paul Getty Museum in LA) that came up with this simple, yet genius idea to take people’s minds off the current events that have everyone sitting at home right now and make them focus on something fun and cultural. After all, if you sit at home most of your time, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some art or get creative yourself! Here are some of the coolest, weirdest, and funniest recreations people came up with using whatever they found in their homes.

Jan van Eyck – Arnolfini Portrait

Jan van Eyck’s painting is an incredible masterpiece, but it’s impossible to ignore just how masterfully the couple recreated his Arnolfini Portrait. I mean, the woman is wearing a sleeping bag and it looks spot on! The bucket is a really nice touch as well.

Jean Vermeer – The Milkmaid

Getting the little girl to portray Jean Vermeer’s milkmaid was definitely a smart move. But can we stop for a moment and admire the attention to details? Even the light on the recreation of the painting is the same as on the original!

Grant Wood – American Gothic

The clothes, the poses, and the facial expressions – everything fits perfectly! It’s like this couple was already prepared when the challenge began. They could’ve easily served as an inspiration for this painting.

Joseph Turner – Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this one clearly came together in less than an hour! We must applaud the creativity, though, as the recreation is quite recognizable.

Pablo Picasso – Rose Period

The museum was startled by the amount of recreated art that came in. In hard times like this art offers the necessary break for our minds and brains overloaded with information. The challenge got thousands of people excited – and that’s exactly what it was meant for!

Diego Rivera – The Flower Carrier

The amount of thought and effort put into this recreation is simply stunning! It looks pretty much the same as the painting and even creates a similar mood.

Piet Mondrian – Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue

Now that’s a very challenging painting to work with – but not when you have a gazillion of LEGO parts on your hands! What could have been a disaster turned out to be a very cool recreation of Piet Mondrian’s artwork.

Rene Magritte – The Son of Man

All the participants admit that it’s the most fun they’ve had in days. That’s the whole point!

Johannes Vermeer – The Astronomer

Do people just happen to have their room look like an Astronomer’s den? This man did a really good job creating the similar lighting and the overall mood of the painting.

Norman Rockwell – Triple Self-Portrait

This little fella surely does know how to paint! This recreation definitely looks more fun with a little dog.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti – La Ghirlandata

Dante Gabriel Rossetti depicted the gorgeous model Alexa Wildling, whom he adored for her beauty. The recreation is simply stunning! The woman is beautiful and, well, not many people can boast having an actual harp at home.

Norman Rockwell – Girl with Black Eye

Who said girls can’t get into a fight? Apparently this little lady did and she enjoyed every bit of it. The recreation is spot on! It has a similar surrounding and the girl looks just like the one in the painting.

Banksy – Flower Bomber

Banksy proved that street art can also become a sort of classic if it’s good enough. This recreation here is simply stunning! The guy looks like he’s partly painted.

Ivan Aivazovsky – Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Anna Burnazyan

Both women are beautiful and have a piercing, somewhat mysterious gaze. The lady in the recreation of the masterpiece is a real stunner!

Michael Sweerts – Double Portrait

Well, the painting on the left does depict only one man, so technically the recreation is not wrong. And that is one creative way to make a moustache!