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Japanese Mom Turns Boring Food Into Real Edible Art!


As a picky eater myself, I know how demanding our “kind” can be. Some of us don’t like cheese or garlic; others won’t eat food that’s touching on the plate. But, frankly, those psychopaths belong in an asylum. Most of the picky eaters are kids, and that’s because they’re bored.

Children like weird and colorful foods, even if it’s just regular mashed potatoes in the shape of some Disney character. Whatever is more fun – they will consume it!

The taste is not really that important for them. Sure, it’s great if the dish looks and tastes like heaven, but first, you gotta make them take the bait. This is why some parents dabble in the art of cooking to make their little “food snobs” happy.

One of such parents is Etoni Mama – mother of three young girls from Tokyo, Japan. She creates delicious and incredible-looking dishes using the most basic of ingredients like fried eggs, rice, hotdogs, etc.

Each day Etoni feeds her lucky kids colorful, cartoon-inspired dishes after displaying them on her Instagram for everyone to see.

This insanely talented woman with no special culinary education whatsoever somehow manages to impress kids and adults all across the globe.

And if you’re not impressed, just keep scrolling her feed. Trust me, you’ll find something that catches your eye.

Etoni is a master of Kyaraben (“character bento”) – a Japanese lunch-box art that features a variety of snacks inspired by animals, plants, and, of course, pop culture references.

If you’ve ever tried to make one of these, even the easiest ones, you know that this stuff is not easy at all. And Etoni does it so well that you can’t help but pick up your drooling jaw every time she posts something new.

After years of posting her food-art on Instagram, this Japanese mom has gained over 150,000 followers. But now she’s gone even further and decided to publish a cookbook with her delicious creations to help other parents prepare fantastic foods for their picky little ones!