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Jarvis The Cat Stole Her Husband


The internet definitely has a soft spot for cute animals, since they seem to go viral way more often than people do. But no matter how many cute pictures of cats you see online, there are still people who believe that cats can be affectionate and show love. There’s this false belief that cats couldn’t care less who you are and if you’re actually around, as long as they’re fed. But this Scottish fold named Jarvis proves that wrong.

Jarvis is a 6-year-old male Scottish Fold from Thailand and he’s recently gone viral when his owner Nasrin Hami posted photos of him on Facebook. She captioned her post saying that Jarvis stole her husband. And we totally see what she means. Jarvis the cat is totally infatuated with Nasrin’s husband.

Nasrin says that Jarvis loves her husband so much that he follows him around their home, sits on him, sleeps on him, and will basically take any moment to show affection. The most adorable thing Jarvis does is always keeping Nasrin’s husband company while he’s having dinner. And no, it’s not because Jarvis is trying to steal food or ask for treats.

Jarvis is actually a very good and polite cat. He doesn’t beg for food and has in fact never had human food in his life. He only eats cat food. He’s never even had fish when Nasrin and her husband were eating it. Now those are some serious cat manners, don’t you think?

Nasrin has also shared that since Jarvis went viral online she’s been getting quite a lot of messages and a lot of people assume Jarvis is a female kitty because of how cute and affectionate he is. But that’s not the case, Jarvis is definitely male, and yes boy cats can be super loving too.

Another message that Nasrin often gets in regards to Jarvis is whether he’s for sale. For some reason, people started assuming that they could buy this loving cat and keep him as their own. That’s not the case either. Nasrin and her husband love Jarvis very much and have absolutely no intention of selling him or giving him away. They’ve had Jarvis for 6 years and they’re incredibly fond of him and think of the cat as a member of their family and they hope to enjoy his company for a very long time.

So as you can see cats are in fact affectionate creatures, they just need to find their human, and then they will shower them with love. Jarvis likes to do this thing where he puts a paw on Nasrin husband’s arm to show that he’s claiming her husband as his human and to show his devotion to him. It’s pretty damn cute, you can’t argue with that.