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Iconic Movie Scenes Drawn By A Toddler (But Not Really)


Movie fanart is probably one of the most enjoyable outlets for young and experienced artists. After watching a movie that tickles their fancy, these talented individuals would usually start doodling a scene from that flick, which, after some time, may turn into a fully-fledged fanart. But most often than not, those sketches end up in the “work in progress” folder, somewhere deep on the hard drive bunched up with the failed “rule 34” WIPs.

But not everyone needs days or even weeks to create something beautiful. In reality, sometimes all you need is a Twitter account, a bottle of wine (presumably), and a free evening. And so on one of such evenings, Twitter user @seabitch13 created a thread where she asked people to send her a frame from any movie, and in return, she will send her “shitty” rendition of it. Her words, not mine.

Here are some of the funniest movie scenes redrawn by @seabitch13:

The tweet that started it all!

Here’s Leo in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

The most colorful scene in the entire “Bladerunner 2049”

Kitty wants to play when “Batman Returns”

As you’re about to see, she redraws the screenshots mostly with a simple pencil and sometimes adds a few colors. And although such shots look like a toddler drew them, the characters and their facial expressions are very on-point, making the movie they’re from immediately recognizable. Naturally, such a quirky inquiry made the Twittersphere buzz with excitement. Those lucky users who sent their screenshots first got the bragging rights, but let’s not forget to thank the artist for such a cool idea and execution.

Sharon Stone from “Basic Instinct” is still quite sexy even in this rendition

Just Joaquin Phoenix thinking of “Her”

“The Joker” rarely jokes in this movie. Total letdown. 0/10

By the way, she may still be accepting screenshots, so go peruse that hilarious thread, and throw in your favorite scene1

The most iconic shower scene from “Psycho”

P for pancakes in “V is for Vendetta”

Napoleon Dynamite. I don’t know, I’ve only seen the GIFs.

Gary Oldman’s facial features are hilariously distorted but you can clearly tell it’s him. That’s art right there!