Couple Recreates Engagement Photos In Animal Crossing, Because Why Not


There’s a fine line between boredom and creativity, and it’s a line we’ve become all too familiar with in this pandemic. As we’re all looking for weirder and weirder things to pass the time until the outside world becomes a safe place again (hah – as if it ever was!), it’s only a matter of time before we end up depleting the pool of creativity.

Arabella and Sam, an American couple, found a way to do something creative with the Covid-19 setbacks and decided to recreate their engagement in the best way possible.

The couple got engaged back in September but now find themselves being one of the many couples that can’t plan their wedding because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Wedding venues aren’t really having visitors right now, so the wedding is pretty much at a standstill.

They did have a nice stack of engagement pictures however, and they’re apparently fans of the Animal Crossing game. Adding one and one together, they decided to use the limitless capabilities of what’s in the game to recreate those pictures. And let’s be honest: the result is nothing short of amazing.

The couple apparently got the idea from building Blather’s museum and noticing how especially the butterfly area looked very similar to one of the areas they took their pictures in. Despite their pictures being taken at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, that didn’t stop them one bit. Once they saw that even the shoes Arabella wore were available in the game, it was pretty much meant to be.

It’s no surprise that these extremely adorable pictures went viral in no time. The internet loved every bit of it, and I’m sure it was somehow therapeutic for the couple too. At least now they can kind of work on their wedding.

We hope that once Covid-19 blows over, Arabella and Sam will be able to plan their wedding like they originally intended to. And I think pretty much the entire internet agrees with me if I say that we kind of want them to recreate the wedding pictures in Animal Crossing too. At this point, I’d actually go shopping for wedding clothes in the game first, just to make sure that they can make it happen. Do it for the internet, Arabella and Sam!