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They Thought It Would Last Forever! 21 Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas


There are times when inking someone’s name on your skin may not be the brightest idea, but then again, tattoos are pretty dumb in general. Yeah, I’m one of those people, sue me. I love art, all kinds of it, in fact, but there’s a difference between having a gorgeous painting hanging on your wall, and inking it on your arm or leg. Especially when that “masterpiece” says “Suzy” or better yet “Gustavo Aramis Felipe Rojas”. What were those people thinking?


Luckily for them, not only can you remove any tattoo now (but it’s quite a painful experience), or you can come up with an idea to cover the name of your ex-lover with something less… heart-wrenching, like a beautiful feather for example!



1. There once was this Kim, she became sort of grim.


2. I really can’t tell which one is worse.


3. Stacy will never look as good as this hot dead lady!


4. Sounds about right. That’s what I did when I used to mess up the words at school.



5. Again, how is this better?


6. Not only did they leave this Chris person, they also switched sports!


7. Wendy got literally replaced by the Game of Thrones. I get it.


8. I call this method “ogrification”. Basically you’re trying to make your ex look like an ogre.


9. Who’s the new Screw You guy?


10. Batman is always a better idea.


11. All right, you got me, that’s a very cool-looking cover-up.



12. Leila, honey, you got screwed!


13. Always aim for a pop-cultural cover-up if possible.


14. This one is also nice.


15. This is a nice feather, unlike the name Darwin. Who calls their kid Darwin?


16. Just get a ring instead of your ex’ name!


17. Wow! This one is unexpected.


18. You’re not fooling anyone with this knock-off, Ralph!



19. You had to ink his full name, didn’t you…


20. Another Batman idea…


21. Even celebs make mistakes…