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Max Siedentopf Tests The Limits of Passport Photos


We’ve all had experience with having your passport photo taken, and it’s rarely been a good experience. It’s honestly the most boring and unflattering way to have your picture taken and probably the only situation in your life where you’re not allowed to smile. Sounds like a good subject for a photography series, right?

Max Siedentopf figured the same. He took pictures of loads of people, adhering to the strict rules of passport photography. He did however encourage the people that had their pictures taken to be as expressive and unique as they could be, without breaking said rules. This leads to some unusual and less boring passport pictures than the ones you and I have, probably. It also proves that you can be unique when you’re having your passport picture taken.

Max of course has an Instagram page and a website where you can keep up to date on his work. He does loads of other photography projects as well, so be sure to follow him if you like what he’s doing. It’s kind of hard to not like it, but considering the global aversion of passport pictures, I can kind of understand it. Just this once, though.