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18 Ways to Spice Up Your Boring Vacation Photos


Don’t you hate it when your friends show you their vacation photos and they’re all so bland and lifeless, you’re afraid you’ll start snoring right there and then? Of course you do. Normally, people hate boring things, but if those were pics of your friends, let’s say, skydiving, or snorkeling, you’d have much better time faking your “wows” and “holly craps”. Sadly this also means your vacation pics are just as bad. But don’t you worry your pretty head, I’ve just found the solution for you! If you follow these tips, your holiday photos will stand out and maybe even be good enough to go viral.


Here are 18 ways to spice up your boring vacation photos!



1. First and foremost, make sure your camera is waterproof. Then proceed to practice taking pics of girls in bikinis.



2. When going on a baboon safari always make sure to grab at least a few dozen Sneakers bars. You’ll need them to lure away the monkeys from your camera.



3. Never do this.

4. Find a good vantage point to take marvelous photos.



5. Don’t pet drop bears, but do take pictures!



6. Never flirt with ancient statues. They don’t take break ups lightly.

7. Have balls to take pics like this one.



8. Or like this one.



9. Check and mate round-earthers! This is a definitive proof that the Earth is flat.

10. Timing your photos can be tricky, but if successful, you can get something much better than this.



11. Can you feel the magic in this photo?



12. Always have a tall friend who will pretend to be pouring water on your face.

13. In post production always add shadows to make your pics more realistic, unlike this one.



14. Getting photobombed by local wildlife is a surefire way to go viral!



15. Take a selfie with a fish, cause why not?

16. Forced perspective is your friend! Unless your friend is about to be eaten by a giant seagull.



17. Forget your diet.



18. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.