14 Viral Images That Are Actually Fake


A lot of Internet users still think that what they find online is true because “why would people lie on the internet”. Which just proves that we’re not as smart as the TV says we are. But it’s all good as long as a good portion of us can call BS on a fake photo or a poorly written article.


What you’re about to see are 14 images that went viral, and have been featured heavily on social media, but, as you may have guessed, they’re all fakes!



Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor in the same picture? What sorcery is this? Turns out this is just a composite.



Classic example: a shark jumping out of the water to get some fast food.



You thought this was a Cthulhu-sized squid? Nope, that’s actually a whale-sized whale.


Either way, I’d still burn down the house and move to Mars. You know, just to be sure.



Giant statues carved into a rock look totally real or at least plausible!


But this… this has always been a 110% BS. There’s just no way anyone would ever build a house on that rock.



Can you imagine if this was actually true? Depressurized cabin, hundreds of passengers passed out or worse… Luckily, it’s just some great Photoshop.



I wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually true. Mall sharks – the next Sharknado sequel.


For some reason, both look quite delicious. And I bet the red one won’t make me wake up in the Matrix.



Black lion looks way more majestic, but, sadly, it’s fake.


Say cheese, big kitty, from now on you’ll be the face of MGM!



That’s just a low blow.



Nothing wrong here: she is practicing yoga.



Everything about this photo is perfect, even the fake bear.