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16 Reasons Why Men Don’t Live Forever


What do you do when your car needs fixing but you’re broke AF? Or, when you gotta screw in a light bulb but you don’t have a ladder? That’s right, you adapt and improvise. Most of the time you’ll play it smart, but not these fellas. It is as if they all have a death wish or something. Either way it literally is NSFW, and not in a good way. (Enjoy that #7! *shivers*)



1. Nothing will get you that adrenaline rush, like manhandling a croc! And who knows, maybe the poor thing was drowning and the dude just wanted to help.



2. I mean… it’s better than NOT having a protective mask, but this is still quite dangerous.



3. Oh yeah, “what could go wrong”, right? How about “everything”!

4. Same question, same answer, different idiot. What are they thinking? That the gravity is a myth?



5. It’s totally safe, absolutely nothing to worry about here.



6. Two questions: A) Why?; B) WHYYY?

7. I get the shivers every time I imagine myself on that ledge… Screw his job!



8. Looking for some quality winter fun, eh? How about standing right under the huge icicles with your mouth open?



9. Let’s hope he jammed the door on both sides, or that he’s secretly a ninja.

10. How did this dialogue go, I wonder? “Dude, all you have to do is make sure the fridge doesn’t fall over. Yeah, yeah, you can wear flip-flops, sure.”



11. I’ve seen a lot of stupid people on the internet but this one takes the cake.

12. As someone who’s actually done this before, I can confirm – it’s not as fun as it seems.



13. Burn, baby, burn! You can tell this man is a professional by the way he holds the torch.



14. The deadly poison probably had a day off that time.

15. *sigh* Really, dude? … Really? What do you think will happen next?



16. Probably the most dangerous way to fix your car, but I can’t be sure.