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20 Times Bookstore Workers Surprised Us With Their Quirky Humor


How many times have you entered a bookstore and noticed something strange? Probably not many, but it’s only because bookstore workers tend to hide their hideous sense of humor behind the bookshelves. If you think that book covers are very creative, wait till you see what other people can come up with using all those pictures! Bookstore humor is weird, funny and full of surprises. Here are some of the things you can do with books while in a bookstore. Better not do this in front of the staff!



The perspective in this one is pretty outstanding. You have huge and small mixed altogether in perfect harmony.



The dreamy extension of Charlaine Harris’ novel looks quite natural. The book cover looks creepily alive!



Nothing can beat good old Salvador Dali and his quirky mustache. His personality is just as surreal as his works of art.



If book covers could talk, what stories would they tell us? This exquisite story tells about a boy tormented by shadows only he could see. What will this 9-year-old do in order to stay sane? The book cover is just as creepy as the book’s contents.

You are definitely not allowed to smoke in bookstores, but this book worker goes against the rules to create a new form of art – prints combined with reality, all in one photo.



This is definitely not something you see at bookstores every day. These two girls acted out the quirky book cover in a perfect way. We immediately started wondering what this book was about.



Want to look like a medieval artist? It’s no problem, if you have the book with the right cover printed on it.

Sometimes it is also about mixing animals and humans in the most unexpected way.



When bookstore workers get bored, they will do anything. Even pose with provocative book covers!



This little princess is definitely not amused. What type of a queen will she become, we wonder?



Bookstore workers aren’t afraid to look silly. In fact, they enjoy it very much! This book cover is quite funny on its own, but combined with a real person it looks simply hilarious.

Frida Kahlo looks incredibly real in this book cover installation.



Fairy tales cross reality and turn into something completely different in this dreamy photo.



This trick is so simple, yet so effective! It’s a peculiar book cover that was used to create a very unusual art form.

We are sure this album contains an incredible amount of wonderful shots. The cover says it all! We are crazy about that hipster girl that’s helping to bring the book cover to life in this creative shot.



This girl and her book cover face fit incredibly together! It’s like they were made for each other.



The shoes might not go too well with the dream-like gown on the book cover, but this makes the photo even more funny and weird. This is definitely not something you’ll forget anytime soon.

This book tells the story of the evolution through education and how women’s roles have changed from housewives to people who deserve the same rights as everyone else. The photo of the book cover looks cool combined with a real person.



All Princess Amidala fans must be ecstatic to see this work of art. After all, she’s won over the hearts of thousands of people.



The cloudy book cover seems to convey the feeling of lightness, yet the plot is far from it. The novel tells a story of a guy who decides to simulate the Alzheimer’s disease and pays a hefty price for it.