25 Examples of Hilariously Fragile Masculinity

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Men and women usually have very different roles in our society. When you think of stereotypes men and women have towards one another, you can probably tell they don’t really overlap. I mean the stereotypes, not men and women. Our society has these ideas about what a man should do, and say in certain situations, and when those men break the mold, some people crack their knuckles and bring on the “social justice”. The pressure on those poor men can sometimes be so intense, that it keeps them from enjoying the simple things in life, like sweet-smelling soap for example. And what do you do when the social norms dictate that men must be rugged and tough? You comply, because it ain’t easy being the manliest of them all!
And so, here are 25 times when the masculinity was way too fragile and boys got dumped on!



1. All of these scream “I’M A MANLY MAN!” But that Emily, on the other hand, is a textbook feminazi, so I can’t really relate. She IS a psychological ball buster!
funny-masculinity- (1)



2. Sometimes men are insecure, but we sure don’t like to smell like bacon, wood chips, and sweat – it’s like masculine overkill on the “man smells” and don’t want them to get too close. Time for a nice soap.
funny-masculinity- (2)



3. Why would the society care about the color of your phone?
funny-masculinity- (3)



4. Well, emojis can be so, so no harm here.
funny-masculinity- (4)



5. But… but… but the color! THE COLOR IS STILL WEIRD!
funny-masculinity- (5)

6. I used a deodorant for women for months and it smelled like heaven. Like that cucumber, aerosol dream…
funny-masculinity- (6)



7. Dogs don’t give a shit about our social standards. They want long walks, treats, and squeaky toys. Damn, I wish I were a dog.
funny-masculinity- (7)



8. Nobody will ever say these things. I like to write, cook, and doodle, sue me!
funny-masculinity- (8)



9. Okay, now THAT’S a bit overboard…
funny-masculinity- (9)



10. No, you idiot, you just suck at singing and he wanted to be polite about it.
funny-masculinity- (10)

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