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10 Social Media Posts That Got People Fired

Here are 10 cases where people, although some of them were real assholes, lost their jobs after saying stupid stuff on Facebook or Twitter. Think before you post, people, don’t be ”social mediots”!

41 OCD-Friendly GIFs and Pictures that Might Give You a Hard-on

Have you ever had that feeling of deep satisfaction after you’ve thrown an empty can into the trash bin and it actually hit? This post is filled with that sort of imagery. No OCD person left behind! Hell, even if you’re not OCD, you will most likely enjoy this compilation with every fiber of your soul.

The Funniest Reactions To Leonardo DiCaprio Beign Snubbed By The Oscars

In 2016, the most unfortunate A-lister of Hollywood is close to winning the ever-elusive award as never before. Leo gave a particularly tour-de-force portrayal of frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass, and his fifth try to go home with a golden guy instead of a blonde supermodel seems as realistic, as the cameras work in ‘The Revenant’. However, it is not for nothing that his notorious bad luck with the Academy turned into a standing joke.

Top 7 Weirdest Video Games (so far)

I strongly advise you not to watch these videos on LSD or drugs in general, that will not end well for you. Also, strong language in the videos, so you’ve been warned.
Let us begin!

10 Hilarious Internet Memes of 2015

Let’s see what crazy ideas the internet has “adopted” in 2015! It was really hard for me to choose only 10 memes, as there were dozens upon dons of them, but here they are (in no particular order, because they’re all equally important).

60 Hysterical Examples of Video Game Logic

Most of the glory goes to big AAA games like The Sims, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, Pokémon and many-may other open-world sandbox games. These big shots are some of the biggest game logic abusers in the industry but we still love them. So, here is a small sample of the best video game logic fails. Trust me, where these 60 pictures came from, there are hundreds more.

10 Ladies Cosplaying Gimli and other Dwarves of the Middle-Earth

There’s one really weird trend floating around the internet these days: pretty girls braiding their own hair into beards. Yes, I said “beards”. What is up with that? These beauties transform their long silky locks, add some hairstyling magic, and create amazing dwarven and wizard beards, depending on the length of their hair.

What Happens in Fallout 4, Stays in Fallout 4

You might have heard of Bethesda’s newest child – Fallout 4, with all of its bugs glitches and badass killcam moments. As an avid Fallout fan, I could not go past this hilarious collection of GIFs I’ve found on Dorkly and added a few more funnies from other corners of the internet.

30 Extremely Ugly Festive Sweaters

We do this weird ritual every Christmas. Millions of people, even celebrities, all over the world will start (or have already started) wearing their special holiday attire – the ugly Christmas sweaters. Oh what joy indeed! Who doesn’t like that warm and fuzzy feeling when you notice someone staring at your X-mas swag, because you’ve cut out a Christmas-tree-shaped hole in your sweater? Yeah, they won’t be able to unsee your epic chest hair for a long time now. Mission accomplished!

The Worst Disney Cake Fails You Will Ever Witness

Many people think that it’s not a big deal to make a perfect cake, right? But these hilarious images will prove you wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, but some of these are truly unforgettable. People see a lot of cool handmade cakes on Pinterest, but in real life their creations look freaking ugly.

17 Best Responses To Wrong Number Texts

How many of you have received weird random text messages from people you’ve never met before? Something like: “Jessica, I’ve hidden the garden gnome in the fridge. Please buy some more wine for the cat.” You know you’re not Jessica but the curiosity slowly starts...

19 Random People Caught Publicly in Awkward Positions

Have you ever seen someone dozing off on a plane or on the street, or better yet on the subway? Yeah, all the drooling and the snoring is just so awkward to watch but you can’t even imagine how creative some people get with their...

15 Selfies That Went To The EXTREME

There are different types of selfies, some of them are pretty innocent. But we don’t want to talk about ordinary stuff here, right? The selfies you’ll see below are a lot more than a duck-faced cry for Instagram attention. Whether they are intentional or just perfectly timed, these self-portraits claim to be the greatest and funniest of all taken so far.

The Many Faces Of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is an icon in Hollywood. But now the famous actor has gone beyond that and became a pop-culture phenomenon. So it’s not surprising that the crazy whacky guy became a meme and the latest face-swap trend keeps rolling like a snowball to the...

Kids Love Getting Messy – Deal With It!

Kids can be the cutest thing on Earth, but they can also drive you crazy when they start screaming, running around the house or totally lose it over nothing. It would be a lie to say that being a parent is easy but it’s totally...

Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh

A dolphin and a human: one of them is doing tricks while the other looks on amused. If you think you know which one is which, think again.   When this girl decided to practice gymnastics in front of an aquarium full of dolphins, she...