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What Happens in Fallout 4, Stays in Fallout 4


You might have heard of Bethesda’s newest child – Fallout 4, with all of its bugs glitches and badass killcam moments. As an avid Fallout fan, I could not go past this hilarious collection of GIFs I’ve found on Dorkly and added a few more funnies from other corners of the internet. I swear, if I had a better PC that could run Fallout 4 on high or ultra, you wouldn’t heard from me in weeks!
Anyway, enjoy the randomness that is the Commonwealth and the game where every bug is a feature.



When Saitama aka One Punch Man enters the game…



Supermutant suicide bombers coming to the rescue!



In Fallout 4 money wastes you



What is it about mini-nukes and people getting boners?



You spin me right round, baby, right round



VATS is so great! Also, fuck Deathclaws!



Taking one for the team – these ghouls are better people than most of the actual people.



Anti-deathclaw trap seems to working just fine.



This is Piper O’Neil reporting LIVE from Commonwealth on the problem of suicide supermutant bombers…



There’s an achievement for getting nuked? SWEET!



Heads up!



Die, pesky bee!



So… now what?



When your 4th of July celebration got out of hand



Now your usual lawn moles, but it seems the dynamite works just as well!



Remember, kids: always wear your power armor helmet



Who’s a good boy? NOT YOU, F#$KING DOGMEAT!



Out of freaking nowhere… BOOM! Dead.



Headless Deathclaw doesn’t care. Headless Deathclaw wants your blood.



Never play hide-and-seek with Sarge. Tag! You’re it.



Dogmeat, you okay buddy? You thirsty, boy?



Didn’t know Sub-Zero was in Fallout 4. That’s so… cool.



It’s fine, he’s does that all the time. Probably saw a roadrunner or something *meep-meep*



Not really sure what hit him, but it might have been that pre-war flying car.



Hey, you dropped something. Don’t worry, I’ll put it right back in your pocket.