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The Funniest Reactions To Leonardo DiCaprio Beign Snubbed By The Oscars


In 2016, the most unfortunate A-lister of Hollywood is close to winning the ever-elusive award as never before. Leo gave a particularly tour-de-force portrayal of frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass, and his fifth try to go home with a golden guy instead of a blonde supermodel seems as realistic, as the cameras work in ‘The Revenant’. However, it is not for nothing that his notorious bad luck with the Academy turned into a standing joke.
Actually, it’s unfathomable that Leo – the one who started to act at the age of five, the one who was nominated for an Academy Award for the first time at the age of nineteen, and the one who is considered probably the most talented actor of his entire generation and who starred in some of the most successful, as well as critically lauded films of the past two decades – has not taken home the desirable golden statuette yet. After he achieved the initial critical acclaim and got the first chance to win an Oscar for portraying Arnie Grape, a boy with a developmental disability, he had three more opportunities for triumph. Each of them were futile. Critics raved over his portrayals of legendary film producer and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes in ‘Aviator’, Rhodesian diamond smuggler Danny Archer in ‘Blood Diamond’, and mischievous stock-broker Jordan Belfort in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, but the Academy voters were more favorable to someone else. Moreover, the Academy was too short-sighted to notice his one-of-a-kind performances as undercover police officer Billy Costigan in ‘The Departed’, dream-traveler Dom Cobb in ‘Inception’, and repugnant plantation owner Calvin Candie in ‘Django Unchained’.

Of course, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for Leonardo DiCaprio at the 88th Academy Awards, and we’ll hope he’ll remove the curse! Just to be on the safe side, let’s get ready for his new fiasco right now. If he doesn’t win this time, you’ll definitely get buried under an avalanche of new jokes. This is why we decided to recollect the most creative and hilarious Internet reactions to Leonardo DiCaprio’s previous Oscar flops to be prepared for a new possible carnival of memes.



Slow down, boy. Having the same haircut Leo’s got in the 90s doesn’t mean you’re as talented as he is.

Seems just fair!

Just a picture of Leo crying…made of photographs of Oscar winners.

He deserves an Oscar even for this attempt to hold back his tears!

When your co-star snatches an Oscar from you.

The priceless Miss Universe reference is particularly relevant here.

Pure math? Seems legit.

Some advice for parents: don’t name your kid Oscar until Leo wins the statuette

This is what Leo’s nightmares look like.

Give the man his Oscar!

Will the Internet photoshop the face of Hugh Glass into this meme? We’ll find it out very soon…