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15 Times Disney Lied to Us About Girls’ Fashion


Who doesn’t like Disney princess movies? Yet it doesn’t change the fact that they are packed with some pretty surreal (although mostly funny) lies that some, if not all, kids tend to believe are true. While some of them are cute and charming, others may get you in real trouble. Well, at least everyone had a good laugh when you actually tried to comb your hair with a fork like Ariel did. Disney movies may be fun, but they make unforgivable lies about style and fashion!


Thousands of girls believed this might actually work. Well, at least they had to try to know for sure. Oh Disney, what have you done?



Think accentuating one’s waist is that simple? Wrong again! Disney, you should know better. Squeezing someone into an outfit is always a bad idea.

Disney made us think that dress construction is a piece of cake. And that magic animals do it. While it is a sweet and lovely sight, nothing like that happens in reality and you either have to sew for more than a few hours, or go out and buy yourself a dress.



While it is easy to cut your own hair, looking good afterwards is almost impossible. This scene should have the “never try at home” sign on it. And while most girls will still try to do their own haircuts at some point in life, it’s better not to give them wrong ideas.

Is it possible to put on makeup in one stroke? No, we don’t think so.



And no, you can’t use saliva to make your hairdo look better. But you can try, of course.

Disney also lied to us about what wind does to a girl’s hair. Really, this one hurts. Why do you think all those hair sprays were invented in the first place?



And how many of us tried to recreate this wonderful out-of-the-water hair movement? It just doesn’t work. Never.

Creating a perfect braid can’t be managed in just a few seconds, no matter how hard you try. Especially with long hair!



Think long hair doesn’t tangle no matter what you do with it? Lies, lies everywhere!

You can’t make your runny mascara look all swell again in just a few seconds. Even if you’re a princess. We mere mortals need at least quarter of an hour and a lot of cotton swipes.



If only removing makeup was that easy! But no, you can’t just swipe it off with your elbow. Unfortunately.

In real life makeovers require from 5 to 10 hours of hard work, depending on the case. If only we could just snap our fingers and turn into gorgeousness! In reality you’d have to go shopping and then spend more than a few hours in front of the mirror and then at a hairdresser’s, and…oh, so much work needs to be done!



You don’t usually come out of water all dry and dressed up. Alas.

Disney also lied about girls making all sorts of crazy faces while putting on makeup. Oh no, wait, this one’s actually true.