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Douchebag Mario GIFs


Mario is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. Some even say that he’s more popular than Jesus! Most of us have either played or watched someone else play one of many Mario games, but even they had no idea that our favorite plumber can be a real douchebag sometimes. Well, MatPat from the Game Theory kinda pointed out that Mario’s basically a horrible person, but we needed more proof. And proof we got!
Check out the best of the best GIFs that will once and for all prove that Mario and Luigi are not as harmless as we thought they were. Enjoy!



Now you’ll never do beach yoga.



Ruthless! The kid stood no chance against the Super Bros.

You like skateboarding, huh? How about now?



All for those extra points…

You blue-shelling bastard!



1-arm push up will get Mario a few hundred extra points as well.

That set-up, though… Flawless!



And stay down, you feline monster!

Too many powerups can kill you.



More skateboard goodness.

Mario hates those goddamn turtle bros.