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The Funniest Prankster Grandma and Her Grandson


Families usually meet once a year during the holidays, where they talk about what’s been going on in their lives and pretend like they care. All while stuffing themselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, and thick, artery-clogging gravy. It’s a wonderful life! However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Take Ross and Pauline for example He’s 24, she’s 91, and at first glance, these two have nothing in common, but when they get together, all hell breaks loose… but in a fun way! Grandma Pauline and her grandson Ross are known to millions of their followers for making hilarious photos and viral prank videos on Instagram and YouTube.

They started out small, filming short skits in their backyard and around the neighborhood, but now that it’s been 4 years, they’re collaborating with athletes, actors, and other big figures. What do you think of their type of humor: yay or nay?