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Dad Turns His Son’s Hyper Imagination Into Real-Looking Pictures


One day a dad decided to turn his son’s wacky drawings into reality and show how the child’s imagination would look in reality.

A graphic designer by day and awesome father by night, Tom uses Photoshop to transform his son’s drawings into hyper-realistic photographs. In a couple of years, he’s amassed over 360k followers on Instagram thanks to his boy’s creativity and his own uncanny talent. It is like making a helicopter out of rubber bands and hairpins. For example, one of the pictures depicts a lion with a messed up face, but the details are so fine, you involuntarily want to puke. Most transformations are fun (or even funny) drawings, but some look really creepy and weird. 

This dude’s Instagram could be the best thing you’ll see all day, so go check it out!

Can you believe this is supposed to be an elephant?

I’m guessing that’s the artist himself.

I’m going to have nightmares after today… And so will you!

Four rows of teeth? Lots of creepy nightmares!

Wh- what? That’s not an animal. Or is it?

Oh, a friendly anteater, what a lovely animal.

Ten bucks says this is a lynx. I could be wrong, though.

That’s an easy one – it’s a miniature Stonehenge!

C stands for “can’t imagine a living thing looking like this, but it’s gotta be a crab.”

This is the most handsome camel I’ve seen in my life.

What would choppers look like if it had a sideways propeller?

Please don’t feed it. It shouldn’t be alive anyway!

Who’s a good creepy boy? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

Okay, your guess is as good as mine. It’s either a sheep or a dog. It could be a chair, too.

Saved the best one for last – a very special kitty.