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Meet the Internet’s Newest Obsession: Toby, the Toad!


This is not the first time when a cute animal goes viral on Instagram, almost instantly getting millions of followers. This time it’s a charismatic little toad named Toby. Of course, he’s just the star; his owner is a 23-year-old Savannah Michell from Florida, USA.

Here’s lil’ Toby playing the mini-piano.

And this is his Cookies & Lemonade stand.

It turns out that in addition to cat and dog people in social networks, there are communities dedicated to amphibians. One of them is Frogspotting, which consists of Facebook users who adore all sorts of frogs, toads, and newts.

Ping-pong? Why not?

The bathtub must be squeaky clean, Toby!

The main celebrity in this group of 64,000+ people, is Toby the toad, the pet of Savannah Michell, the founder of the community. The participants of this wonderful club share photos of their favorites or animals that have been met by chance, tell stories about amphibians or discuss their content in captivity.

Some Toadflix and chill.

Only the most special green boys get to play golf.

Toby Toad is famous in these parts for his spectacular and very unusual photo shoots. Amphibian poses in his small but very cozy house, where there is everything that Toby might need. That is, if only he wasn’t a toad, but a tiny man.

I bet he’s playing “Jeremiah was a bullfrog”

Tiny kitchen, minute living room, miniature bedroom, and a wee bathroom are all perfect for Toby’s photoshoots. Some subscribers even claimed that they honestly thought the rooms were regular, human-sized. Naturally, the same people commented that Toby might actually be a lifeless dummy! 

After a good party, the toilet is your best friend.

That’s some kinky toad stuff!

But no, it’s a living, croaking green boy who is ready to sit still for a nice fat grasshopper or a fly. The poor guy works for food is what I’m saying.

Toby is the coolest neighbor to have (because he eats all the bugs).