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Woman Edits Photos and Removes The “Unwanted” People


It’s likely that you have some fantastic photos of those good old times when you hung out with your friends. But let’s be honest, there are faces on those pics that you never want to see ever again, right?

Look at this masterpiece! It’s like the guy never existed.

Just me and some sand… a looot of sand.

Maybe an old friend who stole your girlfriend? Or maybe it was the girlfriend who took your best friend? Yeah, seeing your ex can lead to all sorts of undesirable results, including drinking, stress-eating, stalking them on social media, or worse – calling them up. But now it all can be changed for a few measly dollars.

Not gonna lie, that would make for a great Tinder pic.

Claire here seems as though she doesn’t like sharing her kitty with the dude!

You see, for a small fee, this one woman on Twitter will edit your photos and remove any and all unwanted people without leaving a trace. Initially, she offered her services for $ 10, but there were a lot of customers, so she had to raise the price to $ 15. All of her clients are satisfied with her services and love the final result.

Bad memories begone! She really nailed this one. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

She did the damn thing.