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Weird Christmas Gifts That Your Friends Will Actually Love


Christmas can be a testing time of the year, since you have to cherry-pick gifts for everyone around you to prove that you know their deepest, darkest desires. Nobody wants to be the “bad gift” guy, and there’s a few easy ways to avoid that. The obvious solution is to not give anyone any gifts at all, but that’s probably not very nice. Taking the weird route is often a better solution.

Here’s a few weird gifts that your friends will actually love.

A Dad Jokes Book

Obviously this’ll only work for your dad, but it’ll be pretty much guaranteed to get some laughs out of him. And out of him only.

Pizza Socks

They think they’re getting pizza, but they’re actually getting socks. Just like you’d expect from someone that gives bad gifts – except they wouldn’t bother making them look like pizza!

Prison Mike Air Freshener

If you like The Office (like you should) and like fresh air (like you should), this is the perfect gift to receive for the holidays. No ifs, ands or buts.

Funny Glasses

The one thing everyone’s favorite children’s music video of 2019 forgot to mention is that sometimes mommy and daddy shark need to sit back with a glass of alcohol because baby shark has been quite a handful. Or you can find any other funny glasses for wine or beer.

A Unique Toaster

It’s exactly how it sounds! Start your day with a “happy accident” and just enjoy your own little world.

A Raining Men Umbrella

Boombox to play the “It’s Raining Men” song every time it rains is not included in purchase of the Raining Men umbrella. Which kind of seems like a marketing oversight, if you ask me.

A Sloth Notepad

If you know someone who thinks procrastination is an art form, this is the perfect notepad for him or her. All they have to do is fill it with stuff they have to do sooner or later. They can pick which.

Darth Vader Cutting Board

This Darth Vader cutting board does not – I repeat, does not – come with a miniature lightsaber to cut your veggies. Once again someone’s marketing department dropped the ball here.