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These People Dressed Up For Halloween Because They Thought Everyone Would


It’s about that time of the year again: All Hallow’s Eve. While the celebration of Halloween is mostly an American thing, it’s slowly starting to reach the same amount of extravaganza in other places around the globe. People are dressing up, going trick or treating, watching horror movies and just having a very good time. That is, if everyone follows the rules.

Some people just can’t be bothered to dress up, and sometimes it’s even part of an elaborate prank to get just one person to arrive in a costume. 

And while it’s definitely hilarious for all parties involved except the person dressing up, deep down you probably know you could be next the following year.

 If there’s ever a scenario that demands revenge, it’s definitely this.

The awkwardness of this type of situation basically comes from our fear of standing out. People that stand out usually get focused on, and it can lead to something called the tall poppy syndrome. 

This basically comes down to wanting to see the tall poppy fall. 

We’re not really the nicest people when we feel like someone is getting more credit than they deserve. A surefire way to bring them down a few notches would be to get them to dress up to work.

Despite many people agreeing, there still could be the only one person at work to dress up for Halloween.

And while this kind of situation doesn’t always happen out of ill intent, there is the whole factor that people will often feel like it is. 

Being put in a situation where you stand out will make you feel like you’re being criticized or even rejected, which is never a fun situation to be in. 

So basically, this type of thing is only acceptable on Halloween. Or if you really hate someone, I guess. I won’t judge, but they might.