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14 Amazing Examples of Towel Origami Art


Towel origami, or simply “towel animals,” has become quite a popular trend in recent years. This fad seems to have touched almost every self-respecting hotel or cruise liner in our civilized society.

That said, even a child can make a simple elephant out of a towel or ford a cute penguin in just a few minutes. You won’t find any tutorials here, but if you’re looking for creative ideas, step right up and behold the amazing art of towel origami!

Someone left this orangutang hanging in the closet. Neat!

Fluffy towels make for the best teddy bear folds.

Who knew turkeys could look this cute?

Is it a cat, or is it a towel?

One swan is cool, but two swans are magnificent!

Although not all guests like these towel decorations because the cleaning staff basically rubs their hands all over the cloth meant for your use only, if you’re okay with that, the staff may surprise you with their creativity.

Manta rays are very dangerous animals, but not in this cuddly form.

World’s Chaddest gator boy. Or is it a croc?

How does one make a mermaid out of a towel?

Number one biggest specimen on this list — the octowelpus!

Now it’s time for some cute oshibori folded to resemble birds.

In addition to the art of folding large towels, there’s a similar trend with small towelettes, which aren’t vital in setting the table but are only used for wiping hands or, more often, just to make the table look cute. These small towels are called oshibori, and they are indeed a Japanese tradition. Depending on the season, they’re served in restaurants and during air travels as hot or cold compresses.

The tiniest little bunny-rabbit is ready to wipe dirt off your hands.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. What about the third fish?

Hopefully, this oshibori doesn’t give you crabs.

And lastly, we have either a squid or a scorpion. Either way, it’s super adorable!