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Top 10 Worst Ideas For Halloween 2021


Every year more and more people start to associate October with only one event — Chistm~ uuh, I meant Halloween. As the mystical holiday approaches, we all ask ourselves: “Who should I dress as?” Some people prefer scary costumes, others — funny or even sexy. Naturally, going back to the traditional options such as witches, vampires, aliens, or ghosts is always an option, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should always go for the cringiest costumes. Actually, no, you really shouldn’t! 

Here are 14 of the worst ideas for this Halloween!

1. Coronavirus

Hopefully, we don’t need to tell why dressing up as a thing that killed hundreds of thousands of people is not the best idea.

2. Donald Trump

Similar to COVID, this guy is a pain in the butt. But at least you can get vaccinated to fight corona. Anyway, don’t wear the Trump costume if you don’t want to get beat up on the spot.

3. Squid Game Soldiers

One of the most influential series of 2021 certainly had its ups and downs, but please, please, do not turn it into a walking meme! Oh, right, it’s too late. Let’s face it, you’ll see the soldiers everywhere on Halloween.

4. Squid Game Players

What could be easier and require less effort than slapping on a mask and a pink tracksuit? It turns out, the Squid Game’s players are an even cringier cosplay. And don’t even try doing #456, #001, or #067!

5. Squid Game Doll

You’d think cosplaying a creepy murder doll for Halloween would be perfect, but you know you won’t nail the costume.

6. Squid Game VIP

Cosplaying one of the VIPs from the Squid Game is probably one of the laziest ideas you’ll see on Halloween, especially if it’s that one Lion dude. Big oof!

7. Hashtag

Yes, the literal symbol — the hashtag. Please don’t do it, kids.

8. JoJo Siwa

Maybe you or your children are fans of her, so you’re sort of showing her your appreciation, right? Wrong! JoJo’s cringe levels are off the charts, which makes this cosplay dead on arrival.

9. Venom/Carnage

Just because something is popular for Halloween, it doesn’t need to be turned into a real costume especially, if it’s a crappy movie like Venom 2.

10. Sonic The Hedgehog

You’re not allowed to cosplay as Sonic if you’re not doing the voice and oodles of unfunny references. It’s that simple.