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15 Funniest Mercury Retrograde Memes


Feeling like everything’s been going wrong lately? Can’t seem to say the right thing? Keep bumping into things and getting hurt? Are your exes DMing you all of a sudden? Well, here’s a possible explanation—some of the planets, Mercury being the most common culprit, are in retrograde. We’re not saying the planets control our lives or anything, but it’s nice to have an excuse for all the craziness and dumb decisions people make sometimes.

Even if you don’t dig astrology, these Mercury Retrograde memes may give you a chuckle and help you cope with whatever you’re dealing with. Life is unpredictable, but having a reason, even a silly one, can make things feel a little less out of control.

  • Time to take off those rose-tinted glasses and face the facts.
  • You know how everything crumbles when Mercury decides you’ve made too much progress?
  • But you should never give up, even if a celestial body hates your guts.
  • Always listen to your mother because she knows what’s best for you, even if she literally has no idea what she’s talking about.
  • Trying to communicate with someone during a retrograde is like trying to convince a cat it’s a baguette.

  • It’s baffling how the entire population of our world feels the effects of some puny planet.
  • Always remember to declutter physical and mental garbage during a retrograde.
  • Just a heads up: Don’t try microwaving your Mercury, or you’ll get all kinds of headaches.
  • At what point do we start taking responsibility for our own screwups?
  • They really need to lock people up for believing in this crap.

  • Mercury retrograde is nothing a few energy crystals and some witchy stuff can’t fix.
  • Don’t give us that “common sense” and “basic logic” nonsense. We want esoteric voodoo mum-jumbo!
  • They always do this. Like, take a hint: we are done and no celestial phenomenon will ever change that.
  • Avoiding people may be the best hidden feature of Mercury Retrograde.
  • If your ex ever does this, now you know they’re messing with you big time. Happy retrograding!