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15 Most Hilarious Photos Taken at an Airport


Airports aren’t usually associated with funny situations. The tight security, the sheer stress of witnessing your flight being delayed due to bad weather, or even worse – forgetting your passport or tickets – none of these scream “fun.” And yet there have been times when airports were more entertaining than early Jim Carrey comedies, both inside and outside.

In this gallery, you will witness some of the funniest situations people at airports find themselves in. Bad vibes begone, and let the good times roll!

This must be one of those rare behind-the-scenes shots of Storm troopers boarding the Death Star.

Never ask for hard liquor on a long flight. You may think you want it, but you really don’t.

That time when you came way too early or too late. Too bad planes aren’t like city buses, and you can’t just wait 15 minutes to catch the next one.

Sometimes you’re going to have to play Jenga with your baggage at an airport, whether you like it or not.

If you’re ever visiting New Zealand, make sure to swing by the Wellington airport and take a good look at the Gollum and his fishies.

Don’t you hate it when your flight is delayed because of some rude polar bear terrorizing the pilots?

Changi Airport in Singapore has slidey tubes for when you’re too exhausted to use the stairs or the escalator. If only there was a cozy bed at the end of that tube.

Everyone’s always asking, “where is the flight attendant” but nobody wonders, “how is the flight attendant.” They are cozy and warm, thanks for asking.

If you’re not a big fan of Doctor Who, this photo would probably look like it’s just a couple of humanoid robots getting their shine on before a big day at a San Diego ComiCon. And, frankly, wow, you’re on point with that hunch!

Imagine having to put your baby through an X-ray machine to prove it’s not a weapon or that you’re not smuggling anything inside it. At this point, I’d rather take the bus rather than burn the whole operation. Just kidding!

All these emotional comfort animals need to be banned from flying with passengers. On the other hand, if the plane crashes and you happen to survive, you’ll at least have some bacon.

When you think you deserve special treatment because you’re hot. That’s just rude!

This guy will never have to prove to the TSA that the lost baggage he’s trying to claim belongs to him.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll never fall asleep in an airport, especially when there are little kids around.

Speaking of things you shouldn’t do, how about you don’t stick a live reptile in your traveling briefcase?