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15 Staggering Pics That Will Make You Look Twice


Each of us has at least once come across strange pictures on the Internet that made you scratch your head in disbelief and look at them very carefully to understand what’s happening. At first glance, it seems that these photos have been photoshopped, but in reality, this is usually not the case. The trick lies in using unexpected angles, hidden context, and sometimes just absolute randomness.

Here are some of the most staggering pics that will make you look twice.

It’s just a reflection of the lamp in the glasses, right?

Poor child. It must be hard to walk on such frail-looking legs.

What a gorgeous forest in the middle of a lake! Or is that a puddle? Is it even a forest then?

Do you also see ALF wearing shades, or am I tripping?

If you try to figure this one out yourself, you’ll feel like a genius when you finally get it.

What if I told you there are four arms in this photo?

Is this one of those “business in the front, party in the back” types of things? The dude is rocking that skirt!

A huge raven walks into your kitchen. What are your actions?

The day our alien overlords come to visit will look something like this. For now, these are just lamps.

An inflatable human was seen riding the subway! Something strange is afoot.

This is the most horrifying grin any dog has ever shown on camera.

Is there even enough space on the beach for this giant lady?

He’ll take a double-woof latte and a rare steak.

Speaking of steaks, how many cows would it take to satiate this beast of a dog?

You’ll be trying to process this photo for days, maybe even minutes! Whose head is where, and what in Lord’s name is going on here?