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Top 12 Most Poignant Ukrainian War Memes


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has again reminded the world of the importance of using humor as a weapon and just how powerful it can be. Even long before the first filthy Russian stepped on Ukrainian soil, their Twitter users were already running circles around the incompetence of the enemy state.

Soon after the first shells were launched on peaceful cities, those Ukrainians who weren’t drafted into the militia groups quickly mastered the main element of modern Internet warfare — memes.  

The advantage of using memes as a weapon of mass distraction is their accessibility. Any user on the Internet with a sense of humor and basic skills in Photoshop can make a successful meme in a couple of minutes. And then sit and watch as their work gains momentum online.

Let’s quickly look at some of the funniest memes from the best meme lords – the Ukrainian Memes Forces!

Ukrainians don’t fear the reaper. This is not their first bout.

I bet NATO made all the memes too!

Oh, how the tables have turned.

No need to worry. Ukrainian heroes got your back, folks.

Looks like Vlad’s braindead propaganda didn’t take after all.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t try to give away what doesn’t belong to you.

I have a theory that Russians are the reason why aliens don’t want to deal with humans.

Even more thoughts and prayers? At least most of Europe is ready to back Ukraine up . 

See, even the good folks from down under have done more than the Germans!

Shame on you, Herr Scholz!

Just send more HIMARS, please!

Yes, it’s not even a real army. It’s just a bunch of poor people who wanted to get rich fast. And by “rich” I mean “they’d be paid $400.”