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Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Give a Hoot About Taylor Swift’s Alleged New Diss Track


In 2016, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian had a small kerfuffle. Kanye West, who was Kardashian’s husband at the time, released the “Famous” video with a wax version of Taylor Swift. The song included the line: “I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex …. I made that **** famous,” which was an awkward reference to the 2009 MTV VMA incident.

Swift was offended by this, but Kardashian posted a snippet of the conversation where the singer approved of the line—or at least the first half of it. In response, Taylor Swift stated that she was not cool about this. Thereafter, the social networks started buzzing with mixed signals from fans and haters, and the comments on her pages were paved with snake emojis. Then, the full version of the conversation hit the Internet, and it turned out that Swift was right after all.

According to Taylor Swift, the 2016 conflict made her not want to leave the house for a whole year. In her recent hit “thanK you, aIMee,” the singer addresses someone named Aimee, whom she “can’t forgive” and who “won’t destroy the legacy” Swift has built. The text contains the phrase “I changed your name,” and the title of the track on Spotify has the letters K, I, and M highlighted in it. Clearly, this was done intentionally to diss Kim K or maybe some other Kim, but probably not.

Kim Kardashian has her own thoughts on the song. As People magazine states, the reality star believes that it’s time for Taylor Swift to move on. She also claims that she has not thought about this beef of theirs for a long time, as it’s been over eight years.

Some Internet users believe that Swift should not diss Kim Kardashian but Kanye West instead. He is the one to blame for all this, after all. Not to mention, Kanye and Kim divorced in 2021, so it would be fun to see the girls pile up on him.