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Crazy Expensive Things That Taylor Swift Owns


It’s no surprise to anyone that Taylor Swift has earned a pretty penny throughout her career in music. And with a hefty bank account come some perks that are unobtainable for us regular mortals, like bathing in extreme luxury.

Let’s take a look at some of the crazy expensive things Taylor Swift owns so you can feel bad about your own financial situation just a little longer.

Leg Insurance

If your career hinges on the ability to stand on a stage, leg insurance might not be such a bad idea. Her legs were valued at 40 million dollars, which means Taylor’s legs are worth more than everything I will ever own in my life, combined.


Taylor has a lot of cars, and not the cheap type. Among other cars, she has an Audi R8, a Porsche 911 and a Toyota Sequoia.

Private Jets

If you have to be able to go everywhere anytime, it’s probably best to invest in a private jet. Taylor has two of them, however – each costing over 40 million dollars.

Real Estate

It’s fine to have a house, but Taylor Swift has eight properties that add up to a value of over 80 million dollars. That’s a lot of real estates.

Personal Trainer

Taylor has employed the services of world-famous personal trainer Justin Gelband, who is responsible for the biggest part of Victoria’s Secret models. You can imagine his services don’t come cheap.

Accessories And Clothes

The unique fashion style that Taylor Swift has created has a healthy mix of affordable and designer clothes in it. This does, however, mean that some of her clothing items are quite expensive, and her outfits can easily be seen in outfits costing thousands of dollars.