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Humble Street Artist Fills Potholes With Colorful Mosaics


How many times during your daily walks have you seen a pothole on the road or pavement? In Lyon, France, there are so many of them, to the point that the city has a “pavement surgeon”! The urban artist’s name is Ememem, not to be confused with Eminem – the real Slim Shady, and he loves filling cracks and potholes with colorful tile pieces, creating some beautiful intricate mosaic. This art direction is called Flacking, and according to the artist, it’s supposed to marks new damage on the streets of Lyon and the way it’s covered up with art. The guy often uses ceramics, wood, and bitumen in his masterpieces, turning damaged walls, sidewalks, and asphalt into mosaic panels.

But Ememem’s work wasn’t limited to the streets of Lyon. It has spread far beyond France, appearing in other European countries and cities, such as Paris, Turin, Oslo, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, and even in Scotland. Maybe in a few years, Ememem’s creations will reach the Americas and Asia. At that point, all those cracks and bad roads would slowly start to disappear, and transform into psychedelic works of art.

Either way, let’s all just appreciate this dude’s amazing creations!

1. Even walls need some love from time to time.

2. It’s almost like the mosaic from a different world.

3. A magical dimension is peeking through the cracks.

4. Colorful tile pieces pop out straight from the kitchen floor.

5. A stained window into an alternate reality?

6. Or mast a fantastic art piece?

7. You got to admit these look fancy as heck.

8. Here’s a great before and after shot.

9. Would you walk over this beauty?

10. I wonder where Ememem gets all these pieces from.

11. Someone spilled a bunch of colors on the pavement.

12. The utility hole looks much better than before, wouldn’t you say?

13. This walkway is not as magical as the previous works, but still pretty awesome.

14. How long will this beauty last? A year? A decade? A thousand years? Or will it stay like this forever?

15. A splash of vivid colors goes a long way in a concrete jungle.

16. It’s a small piece, and yet the soul is there!

17. No idea what it says, but it’s probably some deep quote.

18. A total mish-mash of colors, sizes, and patterns. Still looks fantastic!

19. Seeing this orange patch makes you think of summer fun time, doesn’t it?

20. There’s a certain tribal vibe to his “flacking” style, and I love it!