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Neko Cups – Adorable Sand Molds Are Here!


Fluffy, playful, and sometimes mean and ferocious – cats are friggin’ amazing pets. It’s never a dull moment with the meowsters around. I know, because I have three fur babies myself. They chase feathery toys, catch bugs, eat plastic bags like it’s McDonald’s, and sometimes when they deem their human worthy, they’ll come and cuddle with us, purring like a tractor. And at that moment all is well with the world. You even forget for a second that there’s a pandemic terrorizing the world.

A sleeping cat brings peace and comfort to any house, because what could be cuter than a bunch of kitties curled like loaves of bread? Those napping little furballs are the most aww-worthy critters on the planet, and some crazy company from Japan has found a way to tap into that serene cat energy. And they’re ready to share their brilliant concept with the rest of the world.

We present to you the revolutionary Neko Cups! These “cat cups” are 100% eco-friendly, made from bamboo and seashell plastic. It’s a proprietary technology, don’t ask. We don’t need to know all the details, just that the molds are washable and come in different colors. And luckily, they do have those features.

Just think about all the lovely possibilities. With these kitty cats, you can turn your local beach into a, well, much cuter local beach.

Maybe decorate your garden, or even make a cat-shaped bowl of rice with veggies! You can do that with any substance of similar or denser consistency, like jello, for example. Your family will love them!

Hopefully, when this whole COVID disaster is dealt with, we’ll all have an opportunity to take these glorious molds and make thousands of sand cats of all the beaches everywhere. A man can dream, right?

Meanwhile, stay safe, keep your distance, and please, for the love of everything sane, wear a mask in public places!