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Visual Artist Makes Animal Mosaics Out Of Money


There are many ways to create art. Some people draw paintings from memory, others prefer to observe nature and paint it, some people think of surreal ideas and put them on paper or draw them digitally, and some choose to create their art pieces from already existing materials. Visual designer Charis Tsevis came up with a rather unique idea when his friend asked him to create an art piece for a financial institution. He chose to create big art mosaics of animals from banknotes of various countries. From far away it looks like a colorful animal mosaic, but when you look closer you’ll see that all the animals and even nature in the background is made of pieces of banknotes. Charis Tsevis used current banknotes from various countries and also old banknotes that are no longer being used. The result is absolutely stunning and the details will blow your mind.

1. We often hear that we live in a concrete jungle, and this is an interesting play on that idea. If we live in the concrete jungle, then these are the kind of animals we’re surrounded with.

2. We value money over force these days, this is how we judge the power dynamic. The wealthiest animals would be those that have the most power.

3. We also often see companies choosing powerful animals as their logos, so it would make sense that a financial institution might be interested in having art that displays a powerful animal but made of money.

4. An art mosaic like this would not be out of place at a bank. It would create a distraction that reminds you of nature and be topical because of the materials used in the creation of the artwork.

5. This series of artworks already looks pretty interesting, just based on the fact that it’s clearly a mosaic, but the details of these particular ones are mind-blowing.

6. It’s also pretty funny to imagine which of the financial institutions that you’re familiar with could display these artworks.

7. Would a bank choose to display an artwork of a rabbit because it suggests speed and quick growth or would they shy away from this image because rabbits are seen as weak prey?

8. We could see a car company interested in purchasing an artwork like this because horsepower is still a word thrown around when describing cars.

9. Who do you think would go for an image of a fox? A sly business like an insurance company perhaps?

10. Look at the detail on this elephant. Can you decipher the currencies used to create the body of the elephant? What about the blue background? Is that euro?

11. Eagles have become almost synonymous with America, so you’d imagine a lot of dollars used in the creation of this artwork, but what banknotes are as yellow as the eye of this eagle? Check out more artworks like this and similar ones on the Instagram page of the artist we linked above.