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Disney As Famous Historical Paintings


If you’re a true fan of Disney you will never get tired of seeing new, reinvented and reimagined versions of your favorite characters. This time, we come to you with a creative idea that Spanish artist Carlos Gromo has come up with. He decided to imagine what Disney characters would look like if they were depicted in historical paintings from the past. Here are some side by sides of his works and the original paintings that served as the base and inspiration for the new drawings. We’re pretty sure you’ll be stunned by these.

1. Beauty and the Beast

Based on John William Waterhouse – The Soul of the Rose.

We can easily imagine this as a scene in the actual Disney animated movie. Belle stopping to smell the roses in the garden.

2. The Little Mermaid

Based on Michael & Inessa Garmash – Precious Moments

This would be such a cute moment between Ariel and her son, who clearly looks like Eric’s mini-me.

3. 101 Dalmatians

Based on Grant Wood – American Gothic

We’ve all seen this painting many times, but we bet none of you thought of Disney while looking at it. Have to admit, it does look way more cheerful with the dogs.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Based on Gustav Klimt – The Kiss

Another classic and it’s kind of shocking how fitting it seems. Beast’s body proportions are actually perfect for this painting, it actually is starting to make sense this way.

5. Tiana & Charlotte

Based on Lawrence Alma Tadema – The Favourite Poet

Can you imagine these two just chilling together like that? That painting is so gorgeous and the Disney version is just super cute.

6. Jane and Tarzán

Based on John William Waterhouse – Sketch of Circe “the Sorceress”

The detail in this one is pretty impressive. And the colors are so complimenting for Jane. You can easily see her explore the jungle like that and then spend evenings writing down what she discovered.

7. Cinderella

Based on William Adolphe Bouguereau – Rest in Harvest

Cinderella chilling in a field, probably to get away from her annoying surroundings, and dreaming of that dance with the prince at the ball.

8. Hércules & Megara

Based on John Simmons – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Disney, but also make it a Shakespearean play and a historical painting all at once. It’s truly a brilliant concept.