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23 Marvel Heroes Raimagined by Xi Ding | Brain Berries

23 Marvel Heroes Raimagined by Xi Ding

Xi Ding has a very unique style of caricature, on which he’s been working for the last ten years. All he needs is 3-4 minutes to figure out a character’s facial features and redraw them in one of many styles.

Amazing Portraits of Women as Zodiac Signs

Vivien Szaniszlo, an artist from Hungary, decided that it’s time to reveal the typical personality characteristics of each Zodiac sign in a special, new way. And we’re sure that these amazing portraits of women as Zodiac signs will blow your mind!

What Women From Famous Paintings Really Looked Like

Admit it: we’ve all wondered at some point if the women we know from famous portraits really looked anything like whatever rendition the artist gave to them. Thankfully, many things can be found on the internet, including the original models for famous works of art.

Digital Artist Recreates Famous Melting Paintings

While the picture of the painting can be quite dynamic and vibrant, paintings themselves are quite often the opposite. Alper Dostal figured there was lots of potential there to make them different. He decided he’d turn them into melting paintings, like if you’d leave them in the sun for too long.

MUA Legend Ryan Kelly Makes Her Lips Pop With Pop-Culture!

With almost 80k followers on her Instagram page, Ryan Kelly is creating some of the coolest lip art ever! She goes beyond “outstanding” and transforms her lips into a real-life canvas depicting scenes and characters from popular movies, TV shows, and cartoons, like Game of Thrones, the Simpsons, Aquaman, etc. – basically, everything the Internet loves and holds dear.

You Can Now Turn Your Child’s Art Into Jewelry

Children have a tendency to create lots of art. They love drawing since it’s good for their motor skills and it taps into their imagination. Most drawings will be fairly unique, and parents will spot a drawing their child made from a mile away. Thanks to technology, you can now turn those unique drawings into pieces of jewelry to carry with you always.

15 Incredibly Creepy Life-Like Pokemon by Josh Dunlop

There’s something very satisfying in seeing what an adorable Squirtle or fluffy Pikachu would look like if they appeared right in front of you. That’s where Josh Dunlop comes in with his amazing artistic interpretations of cutesy-looking cartoons and transforms them into real monsters.

Sashimi Masterpieces You Wish You Could Hang on the Wall

Sashimi is a Japanese dish which consists of fresh fish or meat very thinly sliced. The artist who came up with such a creative way to present raw fish started his creations as a way to teach his son to cook. With time Mikyou’s skills improved and have taken his art to a whole new level. His sashimi creations became more complicated and turned into a passionate hobby.