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15 Incredibly Creepy Life-Like Pokemon by Josh Dunlop



With Detective Pikachu on the horizon, it’s not surprising that concept artists all over the world are starting to hop on that hype train. Some draw classic anime-like Pokemon, others give them real world features like fur, skin texture, scales, and generally very detailed appearance. That’s because people LOVE Pokemon!


There’s something very satisfying in seeing what an adorable Squirtle or fluffy Pikachu would look like if they appeared right in front of you. That’s where Josh Dunlop comes in with his amazing artistic interpretations of cutesy-looking cartoons and transforms them into real monsters. Like take this Clefairy for example: what the hell is this demon?


Either way, let’s check out 15 incredibly creepy life-like Pokemon by the one and only Joshua Dunlop!



1. Case in point – creepiest little bugger out there… for now.


2. Well, at least I know I’d smother my real-life Rattata with love and kindness.


3. That is the best Staryu on this side of Pallet Town!



4. You just know this Vileplume exudes a nasty aroma.


5. No one would ever club this cutie. Mainly because it’d be a faceful of Ice Beams.


6. If I ever get a real Abra I’d be teleporting all over the globe.


7. It’s the zombie-like Parasect, run!


8. Unlike its evolved form, Paras still has some control over its body.



9. Just… how cool is this Sandshrew?! The answer is “very freaking cool”, by the way.


10. Pikachu looks more like a rabbit but I’ll allow it.


11. One of my favorite evolutions – the indestructible Graveler.


12. All hail our lord and savior – Helix!


13. This Kabutops looks like it could easily be one of the undiscovered bugs of the Amazon forest.



14. Oh here we go, there’s my creepy baby Venonat in all its glory!


15. And, of course, my favorite green boy of them all – Victreebel. Although I’d probably poo my pants if I ever saw one.