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You Can Now Turn Your Child’s Art Into Jewelry


Children have a tendency to create lots of art. They love drawing since it’s good for their motor skills and it taps into their imagination. Most drawings will be fairly unique, and parents will spot a drawing their child made from a mile away. Thanks to technology, you can now turn those unique drawings into pieces of jewelry to carry with you always.





Yeah, sure, children aren’t exactly the best when it comes to arts and crafts, but it’s the thought that counts. Many of these drawings will have a fair share of sentiment attached to them, and Tasarim Takarim figured there was a huge market here and offered services for parents to turn the drawing of their child into their favorite piece of jewelry.




You can turn your child’s drawing into a necklace, a pin, a bracelet or just a simple display piece. There’re loads of examples on Tasarim’s Instagram page so you can see exactly what the jewelry looks like. There’s almost no limits to the types of jewelry and materials you can choose to get your child’s work of art transformed into, so don’t hesitate to order one for yourself!