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Surrealistic Photoshopped Portraits from Alexandra Chertulova



Alexandra Chertulova, the 19-year-old artist from Perm, Russia, knows exactly how to lure in people to her Instagram account. She takes beautiful pictures of herself and transforms them into magnificent surrealistic compositions worthy of all the awards in the world.


Chertulova is also known as Rayda Ealvay from her early days on the internet. She’s a self-taught photographer, retoucher, and artist who loves surprising her 32k+ followers with unique, spectacular photographic manipulations she creates in Photoshop. Probably the most interesting thing is that instead some random people or models, she uses self-portraits to express her creative thoughts about such complex topics as individuality, different emotions, and dreams.


Let’s take a look at some of her best works and see if they really are as crazy as everyone says they are (spoiler alert: they are).



1. Such a sweet face, this Alexandra.


2. Fancy makeup on the outside, black nothingness on the inside.



3. Do you have those relatives that call you and just start talking like their life depends on it? Yeah, that’s how it feels.


4. Not all of them have hidden meanings, come on.


5. We all float down here, Georgie!


6. Uhh… she’s an alien? I don’t know.



7. That’s me when I start daydreaming.


8. Got nowhere to put your pocket change and keys while on the beach? Just open wide!


9. This one goes out to all those people who cry “it’s so cold, let’s turn off the AC”. Wear a freaking sweater!


10. It’s that feeling when you know your ideas could turn out great, they just need some time to develop.



11. Well this is a fancy bouquet!


Let me know if you agree with any of my (obviously hilarious) interpretations, and don’t forget to follow Alexandra on Instagram!