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Daniele Barresi Carves Art Into Food And It’s Amazing


Thanks to Instagram, we can surely see more unique styles of art than we could a couple of decades ago. Daniele Barresi’s art is no exception to this rule: his Instagram page is filled with him carving things into food. Yup, you read that right: food. It sounds like a bit of a weird concept – and probably a bit wasteful too – but it’s actually nothing short of amazing and inspiring to look at.







Considering how he uses the colors of the fruit or vegetable he’s using perfectly to create the picture he’s trying to make, one can only guess at how much time and practice (and failure) goes into each of these masterpieces. Daniele has currently won quite a few awards for his art, but I’m sure his work didn’t start at this level.







The precision that this work requires is way beyond the capabilities of regular humans like you and I. Imagine having someone ask you to turn an avocado into the image of a frog – you probably couldn’t do it if your life depended on it, but Daniele does this with seemingly no effort. He’ll even add in some flowers. Daniele actually has a book that you can buy if you want to be as good at carving things as he is. I’m not saying you should, but it probably couldn’t hurt either.